Monday, 15 August 2011

Two rabbits rescued from garbage bin

NAVI MUMBAI: Who could really have the heart to bundle up these two cute-as-a-button baby rabbits in a cloth and dump them in a garbage bin?

The animal rights activists of Plant & Animals Welfare Society (PAWS-Mumbai) are seriously wondering about it and questioning the mental state of the person who abandoned these two baby rabbits in a Vasai trash bin earlier this week.

The rabbits were first noticed by a 19-year-old student, Sutish Sundran, who just happened to pass by the garbage bin at Vasai recently. On untying the cloth bundle that seemed to be `moving from within', he was surprised and shocked to see two frail, terrified and hungry baby rabbits come out of it.

He then immediately called up PAWS-Mumbai who reached the spot and took the rabbits in their custody.
"We thank Sutish for helping us in rescuing these adorable bunnies that had been abandoned by someone. They could have actually died in there had he not noticed them,'' said the secretary of PAWS-Mumbai, Sunish Subramanian.

The rabbits are now much better health-wise, and are awaiting some kind soul to adopt them and take them home.

"We keep coming across cases of pets like dogs and cats being abandoned by their owners who no longer wish to take care of them. But this is the first time that someone has dumped such lovely rabbits,'' said Subramanian.

PAWS-Mumbai is appealing to all pet owners not to abandon animals on the streets or trash bins, as such animals will not be able to take care of themselves in the new, harsh surroundings.

"If you are unable to keep the pets, just give them up for adoption at any animal centre. Don't be selfish and cruel to animals,'' he added.

Those who wish to help the rescued rabbits can call PAWS-Mumbai on 9833480388

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