Friday, 26 August 2011

Animal sacrifice to celebrate?

HYDERABAD: During the holy month, Muslims parade a camel through streets before it is sacrificed on the first Friday of Ramadan in Hyderabad.Though illegal, this tradition has been happening in the city for quite some time now. Camel meat is considered to be a delicacy.These camels are brought into the city from Rajasthan, especially for this season. They are fed sumptuously before they are chopped down.
The various camel delicacies include the camel meat sheek, chops and paya. Syed Abdul Khadir, a resident of Kachiguda says, “This whole concept of camel sacrifice has been set by our Lord. We perform this mainly during Bakrid and we also follow this tradition during Ramzan.” He further adds that, “Many people make a lot of prior arrangements for bringing the camels from places like Rajasthan, after which we say our prayers and then the camel is cut.

It’s like a feast for us at the beginning of the festival.” Though there has not been a widespread protest over this issue, there are a few organisations, which have raised their voice against this.

One such organisation is People For Animals. Talking about the protest over this issue, Vasanthi Vadi, founder secretary, People For Animals, Hyderabad, alleges, “This particular camel sacrifice is not just violating the animal rights act, but it is also violating the GHMC act, which says one can kill animals for food only in slaughter houses, designated by the GHMC and not on the streets.

 Camel sacrifice in Kashmir

When there is a law, and when the government has introduced it, everyone must respect and follow it.” She further adds, “These animals are not transported, but are walked down from far off places and extreme climatic conditions.This is not suitable for animals, and it should not be acceptable by any of us.

We should learn to value our animals as well.” “We are very much against the issue and have complained to the higher authorities, the wildlife department and also the police. But, no action has been taken yet. The issue is being shelved off, labelling it as a communal and a sensitive issue and prone to riots,” she says.
But, according to Vineet Brijlal, deputy commissioner of police, South Zone, no such event was reported to him. However, the veterinary doctors do feel that people should get over these customs and beliefs for protecting animals. Dr Anjaiah, deputy director at a super speciality veterinary clinic says, “It is not good to sacrifice animals for some old beliefs and traditions.
People should stop killing animals as a reason to celebrate over them.”

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