Monday, 22 August 2011

Animal rights activist support fight against corruption

Bhopal: People in Madhya Pradesh are leaving no stone unturned to pledge their support for Anna Hazare. While Wednesday saw his supporters scaling floodlight towers, some animal-lovers took out a procession yesterday with cows, dogs and goats!

On the fourth day of Anna Hazare's fast, people in Bhopal donated blood as a gesture of support for the India Against Corruption agitation. Elsewhere, about a hundred children dressed to resemble Anna Hazare sang Hum honge kaamyab [We shall overcome].

It seemed almost surreal when a timid-looking four-year-old, Udit, suddenly shouted: "Anna ladai kar rahe hain corruption ke khilaf... hum unke sath hai [Anna is fighting against corruption. We are with him]."

Moreover, autorickshaw drivers also did not ply on roads as a sign of support for Hazare.
Lawyers continued with their demonstrations by forming human chain on roads in the state's capital Bhopal.

In Narsinghpur, members of animal welfare organisation People for Animals held a march with cows, dogs and goats.

However, when Bharatiya Janata Party ward commissioners of Indore Municipal Corporation started shouting slogans inside the house, it irked Congress ward commissioners and they presented a garbage bouquet to the mayor and pointed out that the city was full of garbage while corporation members were raising slogans against graft.

Pune: Nearly 1,500 citizens formed a kilometre-long human chain on the Mahatma Gandhi (MG) Road on Saturday to express their solidarity with social activist Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption movement.

The otherwise busy MG Road was coloured in tricolour, as Anna’s supporters shouted slogans holding the national flags and wearing Gandhi topis.

The human chain, which began at the Aurora Towers at 5pm, stretched till the Bata Chowk in two hours with more people joining in.
“We had planned the human chain at a very short notice. But the response has exceeded our expectations. This shows the enthusiasm of the people,” said activist Vinita Deshmukh.

According to Deshmukh, people were informed through Facebook after an impromptu decision was taken to organise the human chain. 

“The indifferent attitude of the people has changed to a proactive one. Hence, events like these give people an opportunity to vent their anger and frustration against corruption,” she said.

The enthusiasm and zest of the young and the old were palpable, as they shouted slogans like ‘Vande Mataram’ and ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ with gusto.

Major (retd) RS Bhatnagar, who participated in the human chain along with his family, said that he supports the Jan Lokpal Bill. 

“The rampant corruption in the country needs to be curbed with iron hand. We have come out on the streets to voice our support to Anna in a peaceful manner,” he said.

Most people in the human chain said that they were at the receiving end of corruption and hence wanted to protest. 

Amruta Ubale, an animal activist who participated in the rally with her friends, told DNA, “The animal rights movements too have been hampered by corruption. Corruption has vitiated the various sections of society and we want to cleanse it.”

As the human chain was held on only one side of the road, vehicular traffic was not disrupted and 15 policemen could easily manage the crowd.

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