Monday, 22 August 2011

Intolerable tales of bovine cruelty

At a time when the new draft Bill on Animal Welfare is pending clearance, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has come out with shocking tales torture meted out to bovines across the country.

Some of its brutal findings include jabbing of sharp wires or metal rods into the necks of these animals to control them. Piercing the noses of the young calves and passing thick ropes to yank them even as they writhe in pain is another example of such brutality. In States like Maharashtra, both bulls and ponies are often hitched to a single cart. This results in injury to both of them since their sizes are different and they can’t pull the cart with same strength

“Worse still, the bullocks are ‘fired’ or blistered for ‘curing’ lameness or arthritis. The affected muscles, bones or joints are treated with red hot iron or with caustic chemicals such as mercuric iodide or copper sulphate to scald the area without any analgesia or anaesthesia,” informed Dr Manilal Valliyate, Director of Veterinary Affairs, PETA India.

In a major drive against such atrocities across the country, PETA has confiscated “instruments” of torture from various States. These would soon be displayed before the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF). The PETA has demanded the passage of the pending Animal Welfare Bill 2011 at the earliest. The proposed Act is expected to provide stronger penalties for cruelty to animals and ensure better protection to animals.

In a bid to offer relief to such animals PETA has founded the Animal Rahat for free professional veterinary treatment and emergency care to ill or injured animals being forced to work, in such compelling circumstances.

According to Dr Sudheesh Nair, Programme Manager, Animal Rahat maximum exploitation of livestock occurs in large numbers in States like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar etc.

As per the the last livestock census conducted by PETA, the owners use specially made whips to inflict pain and egg on the animal. The animals were also found to be branded using hot iron (hot branding) or using cold iron (freeze branding) for their individual recognition. The process kills skin tissues and causes excruciating pain, he noted.

“However, one of the most shocking forms of torture is hitching different animals or differently sized animals, which often leads to injuries on neck and lameness,” said Valliyate. In bull racing which still happens to be a favourite sport in certain states, the bulls are often beaten mercilessly with wooden sticks spiked with nails in order to get them to run faster in the sweltering heat. The bulls’ tails are painfully twisted, and they are left spattered in blood.

While Animal Rahat is spreading awareness in the states amongst stake holders on awareness of against cruelty of animals it is also educating people on hands-on direct actions to prevent such atrocities.


  1. Sir,
    Now the time to use tractor and all ultra manufacturing machine to use in farm . So I think there is no use of bull. It might be given to cut

  2. I had 4 Bulls for racing costing Rs.8.5Lacs .There is not use of bulls in farm having tractor and other machines . Shall i sent the bulls to u and keep them with u. After a condition that
    1) Keep the bulls likes i kept.
    2) Expenses per day for 1 Bull is Rs. 500 /- Appr.
    Could me do this favour

  3. Dear Jay Deshmukh,

    I agree, tractors have replaced bulls but this does not justify selling them for slaughter. Bulls serve their entire lives and help farmer in earning his daily bread. The least the farmer can do is provide retirement to the bulls. The bulls can be sheltered in Gaushala/NGO's. Regarding your bulls, please send me details of your city/village. Will definitely try to help them.