Monday 29 August 2011

Drive to catch stray animals ineffective
VARANASI: The Varanasi Nagar Nigam usually launches drives to catch the stray animals, especially pigs, ahead of Eid every year. This year again, the VNN officials have claimed that such a drive has been launched. However, the Varanasi Nagar Nigam is surprisingly clueless about the population of stray pigs as well as number of their owners living in the city areas.

According to city health officer of VNN, S K Singh, the drive to catch the stray pigs has been launched mainly in the areas near mosques and prayer assemblies. However, when questioned, he had no idea about how many animals have been caught so far. The ignorance is worrying as the VNN is supposed to maintain a record of pigs and their owners. The exercise ensures that none of the owners were leaving their animals on roads during the festivities.

Further, Singh admitted, there was not any fixed place to keep the stray pigs after catching them on the roads. ''Whenever pigs are caught and nobody turns up to claim them, the animals are released in villages or jungles on the city outskirts. On the other hand, if the owner turns up to make a claim, the pigs are returned to them, after providing guidelines for future and on paying a fine of Rs 500 per animal,'' said S K Singh.

Moreover, despite claims of a drive, a number of stray animals can be seen on the roads in localities like Nirala Nagar and Madhopur (situated just behind the VNN office). Besides, stray animals can be seen in Beniya Park, Pandeypur and Ravindrapuri area, lying in mud and rain water. The VNN has reportedly employed only one catcher for the drive. This indicates an apathy to health concerns of the citizens.

My take

The article highlights only one aspect of the menace created by pig owners. These pigs are owned by particular local communities. They are left to fend for themselves from the garbage. There are many cruel practices followed by these pig owners. One of which is, the young male pig’s testicles are chopped without giving them anesthesia or medical care. Most of the times sharp edge of broken glass is used for this procedure. The pig squeals in pain but there is no remorse on the owner’s face. In fact they seem to get pleasure out of this torture. It has been observed that the young boys from the community are given this job. One can imagine the adverse effect this practice has on the mind of these young boys too. This nuisance is created by pig owners but the innocent pigs are always at the receiving end.

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