Monday, 8 August 2011

Only Rs.1,050 fine for killing a dog

The Tenth Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court at Malkajgiri convicted a 40-year-old man who tied a dog to an autorickshaw and then dragged it along, resulting in the death of the animal, but fined him just Rs.1,050.
The man identified as Mohammed Younus, a resident of Deendayalnagar in Malkajgiri, was released after he paid the fine.Animal lovers are appalled at the light punishment and have demanded more stringent punishment for such an inhuman act.

Younus claimed that the dog owned by his neighbours was biting people. The two-year-old female dog succumbed to leg and head injuries at the Blue Cross Hospital while undergoing treatment.

Younus was convicted under Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals Act, and Section 428 IPC, which says that killing of an animal above the value of Rs.10 shall be punished with imprisonment for a term of two years or fine or both. The Section is a compoundable offence, said Malkajgiri SI of police, Mr Vijay Kumar.

Actor Ileana who has nine cats, two dogs and two kittens at her palatial home in Goa says, “We should have more stringent laws to protect stray pet animals and I really feel sad at this minimal punishment. Although I am not an activist, I am a lover of stray animals. In fact, I found injured cats and dogs on the road and brought them home and now they have become part of our family. Government should initiate some measures to safeguard pet animals.”

Businessman Mr Parvez Baria recommends imprisonment in addition to the fine in such cases of cruelty. “Rs.1,050 is a very small price for the atrocity he committed,” he says.

Mr D. Laxmiparthasarathy, principal secretary of transport says, “I felt very bad when I read the article in Deccan Chronicle. How can he do that
He should be imprisoned or should be given the same punishment that he inflicted on the dog.”

Ms V. Vasanthi of People for Animals says there’s an urgent need to mend the Act. “A simple conviction is no match to the crime. Most of the time, these dog killers escape (punishment). The police had refused to take up this case, but we prevailed upon them to do so. We will continue legal action.

My take 

Dogs across the country are becoming victims of human cruelty.  A stringent punishment for such barbaric acts will set an example to the rest. The punishment/fine in the current Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 is so miniscule that the perpetrators of this under rated crime learn no lesson. The only hope is the Animal Welfare Act, 2011 ( drafted by the Ministry of Environment and Forest which is yet to be implemented. 

Jail animal abusers: Activists abusers-activists-162 

Animal welfare and rights activists from various parts of the city rallied before the Neredmet police station on Sunday afternoon, demanding stringent punishment for Mr Mohammed Younus, who had treated a dog so cruelly, it had led to the animal's death.

The courts had allowed Mr Younus off with a Rs.1,050 fine.

The protesters wanted the police to go in appeal in the case. They want to see enhanced punishment like imprisonment for the offender who had tied the animal to an autorickshaw and then dragged it along.

The activists also paid tributes to the dog by lighting candles at Mahatma Gandhi Road in Secunderabad on Sunday evening.

Mr Mahesh Agarwal and Mr R. V. Roy who were among the protesters said that they were “extremely disappointed to know this morning after reading the newspaper that Mohammed Younus was fined only Rs.1,050.”
The activists said that under the relevant law, he can be imprisoned for up to two years or fine or both.

Animal welfare organisations such as Caring Hands for Animals, AP Goshalala Federation, Bharatiya Prani Mitra Sangh, and Ethaad Society took part in the protest.

They carried banners with slogans like ‘Live and let live’ and ‘Say no to cruelty towards animals’. Adding a touch of irony to the proceedings, a homeless dog being cared for by the Neredmet police 'joined' the protest.
The activists submitted a memorandum to Neredmet inspector of police Mr Venkat Reddy, who said, “I will take legal opinion on this issue and act accordingly.”

The activists also appreciated the efforts of two boys Sai Kumar and his brother Prem Kumar who stopped Mr Younus.

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