Saturday, 7 January 2012

Training for jallikattu participants

MADURAI: The district administration has organised a training programme in Madurai on Saturday for youth participating in jallikattu events.

The district administration had come up with the idea to conduct the training programme in the wake of strict opposition to jallikattu events from the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), that is working for a ban on jallikattu on the grounds that the bulls were treated cruelly. The training programme would brief participants on the Supreme Court guidelines, besides instructing them not to torture the animals in the jallikattu arena. Officials have also planned to restrict the number of youth pouncing on the bulls and ensure that only a specific number of them could try to cling to the humps in any given time.

Officials feel that the additional restrictions were essential to ensure that there were no violations of the Supreme Court guidelines. Jallikattu organisers, have agreed to the strict norms unwillingly as they are aware that the state government has permitted the sport taking into consideration their sentiments, despite a Central government notification that virtually banned bulls from participating in the event.

Collector U Sagayam visited Alanganallur to inspect the jallikattu ground and gave instructions on the setting up of 'vadivasal', barricading and erecting the spectators' gallery. The event will be held at Avaniapuram on January 14, Palamedu on January 15 and Alanganallur on January 16. Jallikattu will be also held at Sakkudi village festival in April and Keezhapatti village in May.

"The jallikattu events would be held under the direct supervision of the district administration adhering to the Supreme Court guidelines," he said. Sagayam said that there were hiccups in registering the bulls for jallikattu due to the notification issued by the Union environment ministry.

"The state government is holding talks with the Centre, as well as AWBI for removal of bulls from the list of performing animals and register them for jallikattu event," he said. A large number of youth from across the district are expected to participate in the training programme.

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