Thursday, 26 January 2012

Indian animal activists crack down on dogfighting

Animal lovers’ unwillingness to sit by idly and watch as animals are abused for sport has become the shot heard round the world. The Hindustan Times, of India, reports:
Incidents of betting over dog fights, an illegal practice, have come to light in the city [of Gurgaon]. Some villagers in the Badshahpur area and Sector 47 are allegedly involved in the business. Dogs often sustain serious injuries, while some die during such fights. The acts contravene the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and Public Gambling Act.
The article goes on to note that a group called People for Animals (PFA) conducted a sting operation on Tuesday at a location where word was received of an impending dog fight. A reporter for the Times posed as a prospective client in order to infiltrate the ring run by a man named Anil.

The reporter learned that the dog fights are arranged based on client interest and revealed shockingly that “he enjoys the patronage of local police officials to hold dog fights,” adding that his only concern was of the media getting hold of the story. 

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