Monday, 2 January 2012

CAPE India asks EC to ban use of animals in polls

Care for Animals and Protection of Environment (CAPE) has sought a ban from the Election Commission (EC) on use of animals in the election campaign by various political parties. The EC has already put a ban in Maharashtra in the upcoming local bodies elections. “The ban should also be enforced in Punjab,” said Dr Sandeep Jain, chief co-ordinator of CAPE India and inspecting authority- Animal welfare board of India in a letter written to the EC and EC Punjab.

Political parties are commonly seen using dogs, donkeys and monkeys in their election campaign to show the plight of the rival party. “This is an atrocity towards animals and it should not happen in this election campaign. Normally the faces of animals are also painted black. The animals are made to walk for hours without any water or food. This is cruelty against animals,” said Dr Jain.

Dr Jain also recommended that a check needs to be put on the use of elephants and bullock carts by candidates when they come to file nomination papers. “This is done by many heavyweight candidates to show their style, this not only causes traffic problem, but also amounts to great inconvenience to the speechless animals,” he added. He asked the EC to immediately impose a ban because the candidates are already busy in their political rallies in which the use of animals may be done frequently. 

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