Monday, 30 January 2012

Living the good, healthy life

HYDERABAD: There sits a woman by the pool, looking all pretty and stylish in white, holding a glass of wine, conveying that she has added another feather to her cap. It’s been over a decade since Shamita Singha won the title of Femina Miss Earth, India 2001, post which she got into modelling, VJ-ing, and also hosted a television show.

And now, she is also a Four Seasons evangelist --- promoting wine drinking as a safe option to consume alcohol, clearing myths about wine drinking, talking about different types of wine, wine etiquettes, among other things.“I started studying wine as a hobby around five-six years ago simply because I was curious.

I went to the UK for the same. Never thought I would take it up professionally.
But, now it feels great that I have been given a platform to promote wine,” shares Shamita, who was in the city on Sunday. More from the wine connoisseur: Wine is a fun drink Wine is the only alcoholic beverage that� consume. It is a simple and fun drink. It is not very boozy. You can just drink it for a nice buzz. It also has health benefits and is low on calories. Wine is a very flexible drink --- you can drink it during the day or at night, with a meal or without a meal --- it can also be consumed with a simple dal-chawal dinner.
Walking the ramp I started modelling right from my final year in college.
After that, I walked the ramp for various designers.

The experience has been phenomenal --- right from travelling, to that bond with fellow models, to witnessing fashion first-hand, it has all been very eventful.

However, now I have narrowed down my choices and I only do selective shows.
Animal rights activist I am a pure vegetarian. And this is because I am against animal cruelty. Though I am not a vegan yet because I love cheese! However, I try and do my bit for the animals --- take care of stray cats and dogs and help them find a home.

I support organisations like PETA and some other Mumbabased small organisations that works towards the protection of animals. Infact, I had a campaign with PETA to support vegetarianism. Health Mantra Being a vegetarian is the best way to stay healthy. It brings a glow to your face. Apart from that, yoga really works wonders. I believe that it has to be a perfect balance of eating right and having appropriate amounts of physical activity.
Style Statement Everyone should create their independent sense of style.

For me, I have my days when I want to dress casually in a pair of jeans and a white tee with flip-flops, and there are days when I wear a cocktail dress with high heels and wear bling ear-rings. However, I believe that if you can manage to make your hair look great everyday, everything else simply falls into place.
Hyderabad is like home I keep frequenting the city of Hyderabad because a lot of my close friends live here. I love this place --- it is a nice city with nice people, and also has great food. It is like home for me.

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