Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Innovation Redefined in Rural India

Swayambhoo Sharma, Madanlal Kumawat, Chandan Agarwal
(Modified hand pump with tap and attachment for filling animal trough) Rajasthan/Delhi

Swayambhoo Sharma came up with an interesting solution to address the drinking water needs of animals, as lack of surface water sources and falling water table has made availability of clean drinking water a major problem in Rajasthan. 

He developed an arrangement such that every time people pump water for their use, 20 percent of pumped water will directly go to fill animal water trough. Another problem faced in hand pumps is that a single person finds it very difficult to pump and at the same drink water. Chandan, a first year student at IIMA came out with an idea of storing water in the body of the hand pump so that having pumped; one could use a tap and drink water like any other tap.

Yusuf Khan and Madan Lal Kumawat, two other innovators combined the idea of Chandan and Swayambhoo Sharma and developed a hybrid model.

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