Sunday, 17 March 2013

Human system more attuned to vegetarian diet, says seer

ALLAHABAD: The Kriyayoga practice points out that mature (ripe) grains, seeds and fruits are the food best suited for human beings given their consumption and digestion needs and structure. The human eyes, ears, teeth and tongue and length of the digestive tract shows that humans are basically frugivorous (consumers of fruits and seeds) in nature. Canine teeth, very well developed in carnivores (meat-eaters and predators), are rudimentary in human beings.
Human eyes do not like to see slaughtering of animals, and ears do not like the cry of animals, neither can the tongue appreciate the taste of meat thrown on the street. They never enjoy chewing the bones scattered at the bank of rivers or in the forest whereas carnivorous animals enjoy chewing the bones as if it were delicious candy. Human beings can enjoy fruits found on the ground but would never appreciate consuming scattered decaying meat left on the side of a road. These were the insights into humans and their food habits by international spiritual leader Swami Shree Yogi Satyam who delivered his message to pilgrims attending the Kriyayoga Camp at Mukti Marg in Kumbh Mela. He stated that humans enjoy non-vegetarian food only when it is fried or mixed with certain spices to mask their taste. Carnivores enjoy even rotten and putrefied meat.
He added that the length of the digestive tract in carnivores is short compared to human beings, whereas the digestive tract of herbivores is much longer compared to carnivores and human beings.
Observation shows that herbivores are meant to eat grasses and stems of plants. Carnivores are made to eat meat while human beings are structured biologically to eat fruits and seeds. In herbivores, the longer digestive tract is suitable to digest and absorb grasses and stems. If herbivores are fed a good quantity of fruits and seeds they get sick. In the same way, the digestive tract of carnivores is fit to digest meat and animal parts.
Animal products, meat and organs should not remain in the digestive system for a long time to avoid growth of harmful bacteria and viruses. Carnivores, therefore, have a shorter digestive tract compared to herbivores and humans.
Humans have started eating wrong foods due to inhuman and unnatural thoughts. All thoughts and ideas which create segregation are unnatural thoughts. These can be erased through constant practice of Kriyayoga meditation.
The consumption of vegetarian food has been accepted more in western countries as research studies prove that eating meat and dairy products leads to illnesses in particular heart disease and cancer.

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