Sunday, 27 May 2012

Too much pampering could harm your pet

LUDHIANA: With the mercury soaring high, the pet lovers in the city are known to pamper their priced possessions a little too much. Experts say the pets do need extra care during summer but that doesn't mean they should be kept in air conditioned rooms and taken around in cars. 

Dogs, particularly puppies, need extra care during summer. As the heat increases, the cases of kidney failure also rise. If vomiting and dehydration in dogs goes unchecked, it could cause a major problem within a day, says Dr Ravinder Mohan Bhardwaj, a co-opted member of Animal Welfare Board of India. 

Bhardwaj said the pet owners tend to keep dogs in AC rooms, but this shouldn't be avoided as it would make the dog lazy and obese. Certain breeds, like saint bernard, can be left in air conditioned rooms for a short while so that they don't become habitual. 

Jaspreet Singh, a veterinary doctor from the city, says even sun light is very important for dogs, as it is a free source of vitamin D3, which is essential for bone development among dogs.

Harish Jassal, a dog trainer and breeder, said instead of keeping dogs in closed AC rooms, they should be kept in naturally cool shaded places. The ones which are older than six months can be left to cool themselves in water tubs with just enough water that isn't dangerous according to dog's size. 

''I have a little Shih Tzu puppy and this small bath tub in which we allow this little kid to enjoy himself. We ensure the water level is low and doesn't cause any danger to the puppy,'' said Geena Saharan, a Sarabha Nagar resident.

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