Thursday, 3 November 2011

Street dogs killed on varsity campus

Five street dogs were clubbed to death by workers inside Vel's University in Pallavaram on Wednesday. A case has been registered at Pallavaram police station and three men have been named as accused in the First Information Report. According to Dawn Williams, General Manager of Blue Cross of India, their office received a call around 9 a.m. from students of the University that workers were clubbing street dogs to death inside the premises. Students, who requested anonymity, had told them that they fed the street dogs every day and were pained to see them being killed brutally.

Along with three other volunteers, Mr.Williams rushed to the university campus and found carcasses of five dogs near the main entrance and two dogs struggling for life. After information, a couple of personnel from Pallavaram police station also reached the university.

However, sensing trouble, the workers had already stopped catching the dogs. A complaint was subsequently lodged and a case registered under Section 11 (a) of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 in addition to Section 428 of Indian Penal Code (mischief by killing or maiming animals) – under which persons can be jailed up to two years. 

A spokesperson of the university said they deeply regretted the incident and that they had hired the workers only to chase away the dogs and that there was no instruction to kill them. The FIR has named three men – Manikandan, Nithin and Naveen of Tirusulam as the accused.

Mr.Williams said the carcasses would be taken to Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in Vepery, where a post-mortem would be performed. He recalled that street dogs were poisoned to death by Perumbakkam and Mowlivakkam Village Panchayats in April 2009 and October 2010 respectively. If any government or a private agency wanted to evict dogs, they had to contact Blue Cross of the TANUVAS that would send its master animal handlers, trap them without causing any harm to them and let them back after performing a birth control surgery on them.


  1. i find street dogs in need of medical assistance n birth control there any place i can call in kolkatta so that people can come and treat the street dogs?i tried to do that here n they said that they r opened only from 12 in the afternoon till 5pm.i dont understand that.what do i do if a dog needs medical attention at 7pm?

  2. Hi Nikita! Thanks for your concern. Non profit organisations work out of limited resources. That is the reason they have time limit. Here is a list of welfare organisations:

    Burdwan District SPCA
    60 Station Road, Dhakuria
    CALCUTTA 700 031, West Bengal

    Calcutta Pinjarapole Society
    34, Armenian Street
    Calcutta - 700001

    Calcutta SPCA
    276, Bepin Behari Ganguly Street
    Calcutta - 700012
    Phone: (033) 267738 / 2434727
    Tel: + 91 (33) 2236 7738/2863 1255
    Fax: + 91 (33) 2236 5592

    Compassionate Crusaders Trust (Debasis Chakrabarthi Animal Welfare Charitable Trust)
    1 / 13 A, Olai Chandi Road
    Calcutta – 700037
    Tel: + 91 (33) 2532 0000

    Friends of Dogs
    1a Rainey Park Lane
    CALCUTTA 700 019, West Bengal
    Tel: + 91 (33) 475 0022

    Howrah SPCA
    22, Strand Road
    CALCUTTA 700 001, West Bengal

    Love "n" Care for Animals
    96 /1, Dr. N.G. Saha Road, Calcutta

    Mother of Stray Dogs and Cats
    57/2 A, A- T, Chatterjee Road
    Calcutta - 700031
    Phone: (033) 440878

    People For Animals - Calcutta
    6/1 Wood Street
    CALCUTTA 700 016, West Bengal
    Tel: + 91 (33) 556 7149
    Fax: + 91 (33) 220 5665

    People For Animals - Calcutta
    15B, Clive Row. 1st. Floor.
    CALCUTTA 700 001, West Bengal
    Tel: + 91 (33) 2210 4365/ 2220 9311/2/3
    Fax: + 91 (33) 220 5665

    Shahanshah Jehangir, Pashu Pakshi Suraksha Sangh
    66 Shakespeare Sarani
    CALCUTTA 700 017, West Bengal
    Tel: + 91 (33) 247 1721
    Fax: + 91 (33) 243 4727

    South Calcutta Animal Welfare Society
    21 South Road, Santoshpur
    CALCUTTA 700 075, West Bengal

    The All Lovers of Animal Society
    No 30, Chowringhee Mansion
    K.Y.D. Street
    Calcutta - 700016
    Phone: (033) 296930
    Fax: 2473567 / 2403017